Prayers and Reflections

Prayer for the world 

God of all creation, Father of our world. I give you thanks for your creation, for the beauty
all around me and within me.  In solidarity with all of your creation I give you thanks and I
ask  forgiveness for not caring for it as we should.
I pray for all peoples throughout the world.  In particular I pray for those who are suffering any form of injustice and I ask you to allow them experience your peace and strength.
I pray for all who are far from their homeland that they may feel welcome in their new land and for those who welcome them that they may be always mindful of your Word; “ I was a stranger and  you  welcomed me.” Amen. (Matthew 25: 35)

Prayer for Family 

Dear Lord, with Mary and Joseph you lived a precious family life.
Teach us to follow your example in our daily lives.
Help us to be persons of love, peace and forgiveness.
Let us see your image within each member of our own family
and in every person belonging to the greater family of our world.  
We pray especially for families who are in need of your healing.
In particular we pray for ( your intention).  Amen

Prayer for difficult times 

“I am the  Lord, the God of all humankind; is anything too hard for me?”
(Jeremiah 32: 27)
Lord I pray for a deeping of my faith so that I can truly believe your Word.
That no problem or anxiety, no situation or dilemma is too insignificant for you.
With this growing confidence in You I ask that you hear my prayer today ( intention).
I thank you for your faithfulness and love and for listening to my plea. Amen.

Prayer for Women 

In union with women throughout the world we give you thanks Lord for creating each one of us unique and perfect in our own way. Bless all women and may our love be tender and deep.
In solidarity with all women we pray : For  those women who are struggling to balance work and family. For those unable to feed their children due to poverty. For those who cannot have children and those who have lost children. For those who are tired, stressed or depressed. For those waiting and wondering about the gift of life. For those whose bodies are sold and those who are slaves and wrongly treated.  We give you thanks for all the women who have gone before us who have loved us,  nutured and guided us to where we are today.
Let us pause a moment to remember ....................
With Mary our mother  let all women on earth give praise! Amen.

God's Unique Plan 

There is an old Christian belief that
God sends each person into this world
with a special message to deliver,
with a special song to sing for others,
with a special act of love to bestow.
No one else can speak my message,
or sing my song or offer my act of love.
these have been entrusted only to me.

According to this belief,
the message may be spoken, the song sung,
the act of love delivered only to a few,
or to all the people in a small town,
or to all the people in a large city,
or even to all the people in the world.
It all depends on God’s unique plan
for each unique person.

So from my heart I want to say this to you:
Please believe that
You have an important message to deliver,
You have a beautiful song to sing,
And a unique act of love to warm
this world and to brighten the darkness.

And when the final history of this world
is written, your message, your song
and your love will be recorded
gratefully and forever.

Author Unknown

Mission Prayer 

Blessed are you, Lord God of all creation blessed are you Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Blessed are you, O Holy Spirit the source of all inspiration.
May your kingdom of justice, peace, love and forgiveness be established in every land.
May your healing hand touch the sick, comfort the lonely and give new life to all.
Be our companion on the road and help us to make our mission alive in our community and throughout the world.
Bless our missionaries; awaken in the hearts and minds of our young people the desire to serve you
and be your witnesses at home and to the ends of the earth.
We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen