Laudato Si’ – Strikes, Elections, and Climate Catastrophe

At this critical moment in our history when we face an uncertain future because of climate change, Laudato Si’ speaks to all people and calls on us to reconsider our relationship with the earth:

Global Climate Strike for Future

The second global climate strike will take place on 24th May 2019.

Questions on the Doorstep

A voters' guide to creating a more just society.

Catholic Social Teaching - The Founding Documents

A resource page with links to the foundations documents of Catholic Social Teaching.

Islamic Foundation of Ireland – Terrorist Attack in Sri Lanka

A statement released by the Islamic Foundation of Ireland on the recent attacks in Sri Lanka

Spreading Optimism: Earth Day 2019

Examining some of the efforts being made to protect the environment...

Care for Creation

The last of our Lenten Justice mornings...

The Three Sisters

A weekend reflection on how we view life...

Key Themes in Catholic Social Teaching

We continue our Lenten Programme by exploring the Key Themes in Catholic Social Teaching.

The Toy Plane - A Weekend Reflection

How do we cope when things go wrong? Do we retreat and hide? Do we vow never to do things again? Is our aim primarily to avoid pain and difficulty or to live well?